landscape, rural tourism sector, landscape services, landscape values, landscape management


In the last years the importance of landscape in supporting rural economy and the quality of life in rural areas has been increasingly recognized. Hence the interest of policy makers in identifying and designing suitable policy instruments for enhancing the potential benefits that the maintenance and valorization of landscapes may provide to the rural economy. In this context, this working paper provides a qualitative analysis of the specific functions of landscape, and of the mechanisms through which targeted rural development instruments could generate beneficial leverage effects on rural economies. Starting from the commonly agreed definition of "landscape" and its multifunctional nature, its economic value and the theoretical framework of landscape and regional development are then considered, in view of identifying the main potential socio-economic benefits for the rural economy attached to their provision. Further an overview of concrete examples (from literature review) of applied methods for assessing the socio-economic value of landscapes is provided, and also the effects of tourism practices and eco-systems on the value of landscape are considered in more details.


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