• Daniela Krasteva UNWE


definition, definition, public administration, public policy, public utility


The purpose of the present notes (scientific communication) is firstly, on the basis of inventoried definitions of public administration in the Bulgarian literature (legal and economic) to attempt to specify an analogous author's solution and secondly - to interpret the question of the instrumental function of public administration to generate and support the implementation of a complex of policies. In the first direction, it proceeds from the fact that each definition contains a mandatory categorization and some strictly distinctive feature of the subject under consideration. In this sense, beyond the obligatory generic and species membership, a variety of contextual definitions are possible that will fully serve any creative act. In our case, the utilitarian aspect is applied to the definition of public administration. In the second direction, as a continuation of the definitional discourse, the power vector of public administration and its role in the creation and implementation of public policies is summarized.


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