The first issue of the Journal of Management Sciences and Applications (JOMSA), which has its interdisciplinary orientation and focus on issues of management, public sector, regional development, marketing, transport and infrastructure, is before you. We created our journal to be able to impose expertise on the issues of our daily life. Now at the end of 2022, we are pleased and honoured to address all of you - our authors, readers, supporters and friends - with our wishes for your health, success and personal happiness as we present the first issue. For all, the launch of the first issue of the Journal of Management Sciences and Applications (JOMSA) is a new beginning for a promising cause that together we can write for many years to come. We hope that with this interdisciplinary journal, together with our authors and readers, we will set a benchmark of research-based analysis, foresight and innovation that, in the pages of our journal, will share your research explorations with the growing readership of our journal. We, will seek coverage of major trends in management science, as well as coverage of scientific forums and events of national and international importance, we will publish reviews and book reviews of newly published books and monographs.

Here, we would like to express our gratitude in advance to all the contributors and members of the editorial board who have helped to lay the foundations of our expertise to enhance the quality of the published materials that readers will access. In 2022, the journal will be publishing a new issue of the journal. ""The Journal of Management Sciences and Applications (JOMSA) has deservedly begun its journey into scholarly publishing in an electronic environment. All this obliges us to work harder, because Bulgarian science needs highly indexed journals that receive recognition in international and national databases. At the same time, the Journal of Management Sciences and Applications (JOMSA) remains a tribune for sharing good scientific experience, for innovations in management, regional development, planning, transport, infrastructure, public administration, emphasizing its interdisciplinarity. This commitment to the promotion of scientific results gives us reason to continue informing our readers about current events in science and higher education in the future. Good luck to the "Journal of Management Sciences and Applications (JOMSA)"