development, forest sector, management, ecology, forest, policy, control


This paper is an attempt to analyse and evaluate the models for forestry development in Bulgaria. It is important to bear in mind that the structure of forest ownership is predominantly state-owned, which requires and necessitates that the state takes on the main functions in formulating and implementing forest policy, ensuring the strategic management of the sector through the development and implementation of strategies, plans and programmes at different levels and the role of state institutions and their structures in policy implementation, management and control. In this direction, it is discussed how far the state can go without going into specific examples. Important is the structured model, which is assumed to be in line with European forestry policies. At the same time, measures and the implementation of specific activities and policies are proposed to demonstrate the better management of the sector and its vitality. In this paper we seek to develop a methodological framework for structuring and functionally managing forestry with an accompanying assessment and analysis of the management structure.


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