• Valentin Vasilev Higher School of Security and Economics, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Monica Icheva Southwest University "Neofit Rilski", Faculty of Law and History, Blagoevgrad


Keywords: motivation, human resource management, manager, benchmarking, municipality


Abstract: The modern world's dynamic environment dictates the necessity of developing new organizational behavior, leadership philosophies, creative approaches, and strategies for making decisions. Investing in human resources, the organization's most precious resource, is necessary to achieve the building of a new vision for the public realm. The primary objective of the current development is to demonstrate the necessity of boosting employee motivation through a variety of strategies and tactics that have been effectively applied in public organizations. When I observe good practices being used in other settings, they serve as a source of extra inspiration and motivation for individuals involved in their implementation. In addition, the presentation and dissemination of good practices function as a catalyst for the accumulation of ideas. When used more broadly, this method of spreading excellent ideas is strategically directed and resembles the work of a brilliant public visionary.  


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